Switching colleges

The creation of a blogging website is like the beginning of college: exciting at first, and up to the creator/student to keep up.

When I started at the University of Toledo in 2014, I was excited to be living on campus. away from home. I bought books. I was set.

Fast forward to the fall semester of 2017, I was doing the same thing, but for a different college: Owens Community College.

My reasoning for switching colleges was simple. I am not meant to be in a lecture hall, filled with 50+ people. I lose focus, since I try to hear every single conversation around me. It made me lose focus on what the professor was saying.

I also worked best  with hands on projects, and most of the classes I take at Owens, I probably would not have been able to do at UT.

My reasoning for taking this class is simple. I am a really good storyteller. And I want to learn how to be a journalist.

Throughout these past few years have been some of my worst days, and some of my best. Always have hope that you will do well, because even when you have your worst day, keep pushing, and your best day will come, and when it does, look at the sunset, give a sigh of relief, and rest.


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