About me

I am a Student at Owens Community College, entering my second semester, with finishing my overall 3rd year of college after finishing this semester.

I graduated from St. John’s Jesuit in 2014, and started my new college life at the University of Toledo in the fall. I started as an Information Systems major, but ended up switching over to Broadcast Media Technologies when transferring to Owens, and I have loved everything so far.

While at St. John’s, I have joined the Marching and Concert Bands, and through that I have learned to appreciate and love music so much more, and has made my 4 years of high school so much more enjoyable

This website is meant to showcase pictures of the Toledo area, podcasts about people of interest at Owens, showing the beauty of Toledo, showing the diversity of musicians in the Toledo area and in general showing what you can do in Toledo. I have been in Toledo ever since I was born, and for all 22 years of my life, I have always found some part of Toledo that has surprised me. I am excited to share my experiences with everyone, and I will show everyone why living at Toledo is a breath of fresh air.